Ans: Dech Labs is a hub where a bunch young of minds have come together under one roof to provide subscription based IT, Design and Legal Service. We envision providing the best of quality service and creating high benchmarks in customer satisfaction. Our team promises in empowering your business and driving it with full speed to success and just success.

Ans: Our Subscription based Services are the services which are designed according to the needs of startups and business firms. They are kind of packages of with varied price deals to match A to Z needs of business which includes website designing, landing page, transactional messages, legal supports and many more. The packages are based on monthly price based subscription. So, next month along with Netflix subscription payment, subscribe to our packages and let you’re your business sway to heights of success!

Ans: There are many ways to reach a destination! So do us! Even, to reach us there are many ways but it depends upon you that how do you want to reach us. You can go to our website www.dechlabs.com , Drop us a mail at dechlabs@gmail.com or even ring up on +91 72270 80444 and guess what we have the assurity to pick it on first go itself! Give it a try now…

Ans: To dive into our organization background you need to drive back four years in the past. These four years of legacy has been accompanied with the best of values in supporting and guiding startups and business to flourish in their field. Through these four years experiencing varied things have helped us to taste the best and even sometimes bitter hence, making us stand here to provide quality service in IT, Design and Legal Services.

Ans: A startup is a business culture where everything is fresh and tender you need to mould in the right way to your startup be the buzz in the town. So, to help the respective startups be the buzz the services provided by Dech Labs assists them to be well organized and create an impression of the startup in each and everyone’s mind.

Ans: Dech Labs provides you with subscription based IT, Design and Legal Services. But these mentioned are the core services under them we have many sub services. Likewise under IT section we offer you website designing and development, Basic SEO, E-mail Marketing, Domain, Hosting. Moreover we are also capable enough to handle your Finance, Income and guide you through varied registration process. There are many more in the list and some more exciting services for Startups. Check out our website www.dechlabs.com to have a tour for the same.

Ans: To join the Community of Startups you just need to subscribe and get connected with us. You can keep learning about our programmes and activities through this links of varied social media. For WhatsApp updates go to receive https://www.dechlabs.com/WhatsAppUpdates

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Ans: In the term ‘Support Service’, the word Support itself gives the hint to the question. The DechLabs team is experienced enough that give assurance to be the torchbearers in journey of young, blooming startup providing the required service to gear up their business. The service of website designing, creative social media handle, finance and income handling can truly prove to be the important role players for Startups and Growing Business. Most importantly we avail these services at a very affordable cost so that the young startup can also integrate these things in making their business a huge hit!

Ans: We do conduct various events which mostly revolve around bringing the entire startup community prevailing in the town under various locations. This helps them in networking and is liberal to share their thoughts and ideas with us. We even arrange various sessions, workshops, retreat programs and many more at least twice a month.

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